YourTV Talent

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  • Tired of watching the same old TV presenters?
  • Think you can do better?

YourTV is giving you the chance to show what you can do, whether it’s behind the news desk, as a roving reporter or even producing your own TV ad for your business in the area where you live.

We’re part of an exciting new TV project that could see you present or report on the news in your town to thousands of people every day in your town or city. And we’re not just talking about a video for your friends on Facebook or YouTube, YourTV will be a brand new TV channel dedicated to your area right next to BBC and ITV on Freeview launching in 2014.

So instead of watching the same old presenters, your friends and family could be tuning in to watch you every night instead. (And once you’ve worked with us who knows where your talents could take you?).

Don’t fancy being a presenter but do want to shout about your own business? Instead of watching the same old TV ads, you could make one for your own (or a friend’s) business to show it off and make it stand out from the competition in a way that only you can!

So who are we looking for? We’re looking for potential:

  • Presenters;
  • Reporters
  • Anyone else with a passion for broadcasting and their local area who’d like to contribute.

So what do you need to get noticed? Ideally you should be:

  • A confident person, comfortable talking to people and dealing with awkward situations!
  • A clear spoken voice, your accent is irrelevant but we have to be able to understand you!
  • Bags of passion for TV and your local town or city!
  • Keen to start a tough, hard-working but rewarding new challenge sometime in 2013.

If you know you can do all of that – great! But first of all we want to see what you can do on screen. So if you fancy getting involved here’s what to do:

  1. Either record yourself (or get a friend to record you) either presenting something or putting together a brief news report, preferably about something relating to your local area.
  2. You can record on a mobile phone, home video camera even on a web camera, but the most important thing is that you’re interesting, engaging and show a passion for the issues in your town or city.
  3. Don’t know what to record? It could be yourself reading a news report, or asking members of the public about an important issue to your local city or even interviewing a local politician (please ask nicely first though).
  4. Don’t worry about the quality! Obviously we need to see you but we’re not looking for professional editing or filming skills just your talent and personality.
  5. Do more than one report if you like but then download them all to your computer, choose the best one only and upload it to YouTube.
  6. Your video should not be longer than five minutes, we cannot consider longer submissions.
  7. To be eligible for the content and to show you’re part of the contest you must include the link: in the description area of your YouTube video and the words YourTV Talent somewhere in the title of your video (we cannot accept entries without this).
  8. Once it’s uploaded, take a copy of the link of your best video only, fill out the following form and we’ll select the best entries for an online showdown sometime in 2013.
  9. Don’t forget to share your YouTube video with friends and family too, we’ll be looking closely at the comments, ‘likes’ and number of views each video gets too.
  • Will not be published, we will only contact you should we wish to talk more with you.
  • Will not be published, we will only contact you should we wish to talk more with you.
  • Will not be published, we will only contact you should we wish to talk more with you.
  • eg:
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

That’s it! You’ve got nothing to lose, don’t let your talent go to waste, we want to see people with a passion for their local area so come on and show us what you can do!

The serious bit

You should not put yourself at risk of personal injury, break any laws or otherwise disturb or harass anyone in order to get your footage. You may not claim to be representing YourTV. No contract or guarantee of work is offered. YourTV reserves the right to make the sole final choice on any person or persons offered presenting opportunities as a result of this content. Any submissions made to YourTV remain the property of YourTV and may be broadcast on other mediums, by submitting your footage via this form you are consenting to abide by all the terms in this agreement.

That’s it, happy presenting!

PS If you don’t fancy it yourself but know a friend or family member who might why not record them instead!

PPS Submissions from students and others are welcome but you must be at least 16 years or age.