Photo by dhammza

If it happens in Manchester, YourTV intends to be there. We will be creating programmes about Manchester and in Manchester every day. Programmes that you won’t see anywhere else on television. Plus there will be strong local news and sport throughout the day so if you take part in a sport that never gets coverage you will need to let us know.

In fact getting everyone involved in the channel is going to be very important for us. We want to make the programmes about your life and interests and we want to feature you in them! We even want you to help us make them!

Here’s some of the planned highlights. Every day will start with Business news making sure the successful entrepreneurial young business people of Manchester get noticed plus all the news to set you up for another hard working business day. Breakfast time will deliver fast moving news, sport, entertainment and weather information with exciting guests and people in the news. But once things calm down mid morning we will talk health and well being plus parenting – the most important thing we do and so little discussed on TV.

After a lunchtime of local news and talking books in the afternoons we will be helping you find a new job or a first job or simply learning a new skill to change jobs! We will also be reporting in detail from the various districts round Manchester. Everyone gets a say with YourTV. Travel, kids programmes and plenty of entertainment news about the live happening events taking place in our exciting city take us through to early evening news.

Stick around for sports chat every evening, the chance to question your local representatives in Parliament or on the Council will be a key part and much, much more seven says a week, 24 hours a day.


There will be lots of opportunities to join in with YourTV. We have audience participation programmes every week, there will be phone-in and e-mail or twitter engagement but more importantly we want you to send in video of what you are up to, concerned about, proud of and so on in your local communities. Much as we would like to, we cannot be everywhere although our team of video journalists will be working very hard!

News – and that means what you are doing in business, on stage, in the community hall, in sport is very important to us. We are here to bang Manchester’s drum like never before and we will be contacting as many people as possible to tell you how to get involved. Get your video phones working and start practicing. It might happen down your way next!