YourTV Manchester is a brand new television channel coming soon to a screen near you, featuring everything that’s best about Manchester as well as the latest news and debate on everything that matters to you.

More than that though, YourTV Manchester will also show a wide range of programming from programmes for children and teenagers; to programmes showcasing local bands and other artists to business and educational programmes.

Most importantly though it’s a channel that everyone can be a part of from grandparents to grandchildren. YourTV Manchester will give you the chance to interact and get involved with the television that you watch like no other channel before. That’s why we call it YourTV!

Whether that’s simply contributing to a live studio interview with a question sent via Facebook or Twitter; to joining in a panel discussion via Skype; or sharing your band’s latest video on YouTube and watching it go out to thousands of people on TV.

The possibilites are as unlimited as your imagination.

So whether you’re watching YourTV Manchester sat on the couch, out on the move, or just catching up on anything you might have missed on your iPad, YourTV Manchester will always be with you to show you the best of Manchester wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

Where will I be able to watch?

YourTV Manchester will be on Freeview channel 8 and you’ll also be able to catch up with your favourite programmes online and on your mobile.

What programmes can I expect to see?

A wide range of programmes to suit all tastes, for more information see our dedicated Programming section.

How can I get involved?

YourTV will be truly interactive TV, giving you ways to influence the content, the output and have your voice heard in ways that no other TV channel has every offered. To find out more see our Get Involved section.